Thursday, January 23, 2020
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The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) provincial assemblies have kicked off with Luapula Province picking the four delegates to represent them at the April 13 Annual General Meeting.

Luapula Province has recorded a 100% turn out with members being run through the ground rules for the 2019 Annual General Meeting in relation to representation.
Delegates from Luapula have selected Joseph Mwale (Pambashe Tigers), Michael Mumba (Samfya Rockets), Mweemba Mujala (Chipembele Police) and Martin Chuma (Luapula Football Association).

Zambia National Service Lumfumu official Colonel Richard Mumba led the delegates with the FAZ officials stepping aside to allow the officials select their representatives without interference.

Luapula has pioneered the newly introduced AGM delegate selection process under the new FAZ constitution.

And Vice President Rix Mweemba Rix Mweemba urged members to stick to the constitution when addressing grievances.

He said that members that that did not follow the constitution may fall victim to being punished by judicial bodies.

Mweemba urged clubs to speak through official channels that are prescribed in the constitution.
“The best way if there is an issue as members is that it should be addressed in a proper way as set by the constitution…administrators must not let coaches speak for clubs. Do not let technical people be the ones directing you on what to do. It will be like turning the tables upside down,” he said.
“Let us use ethical means of resolving differences and not ride on negativity.”

Mweemba also advised the members to embrace the new league restructuring that was a CAF directive.
He urged the members to take keen interest in the decentralization exercise that would see each province elect an executive committee member who will part of the national governing board.

Under the new constitution each province will elect one member with the national Annual General Meeting only election the president, vice and a female candidate.
The new AGM structure has 138 delegates with 89 having voting rights.
In the interim FAZ will hold the 2019 AGM with provinces nominating four delegates each.
All the 18 clubs in Luapula Province attended the meeting at Mansa Lodge.

Mweemba also advised the members that will be wary of integrity checks that a prerequisite for contesting for elections under the new FAZ constitution.
He said that FIFA had shown the way by cleaning up the game through stringent integrity tests.

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